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The Full Story


Welcome to Instone Design Pty Ltd – your trusted partner in stone craftsmanship and restoration. Led by Peter Fikus, a visionary founder and director, we bring over 120 years of collective family experience in stonemasonry spanning four generations. With a passion deeply rooted in tradition and an unwaverin


Our Founder

Peter Fikus, a 4th generation stonemason, boasts an impressive legacy that has been handed down through the annals of time. With over four decades of hands-on experience, Peter's journey in the industry has been a remarkable one. His expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from manufacturing, installation, and maintenance to repairs, restoration, and, notably, a specialization in engineered and natural stone repairs.


Our Heritage

Instone Design is built upon a heritage that blends tradition and modernity seamlessly. Peter's early experiences in manufacturing and installation laid the foundation for a journey that eventually led him to focus exclusively on repairs and maintenance. This distinctive concentration on the heart of stonework has allowed us to master the art of reviving, rejuvenating, and extending the life of both engineered and natural stone.

White Marble
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